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It's been a very long time since I've worked on a commission and it's crazy to think how much has changed since my last one. I was laid off from the job I was working and found another (nine excruciating months later!), during which time I finished my first novel and made the transition from Paint to Photoshop.

Now that I'm more confident in my Photoshop abilities (which are admittedly still far from perfect), I wanted to officially state that I am open for commissions.



Justice League - Wonder Woman Redesign by Femmes-Fatales

For a standard pin-up consisting of one character, such as the one pictured above, the standard rate is $20. Whether you'd like a redesign of a fictional character, an illustration of one of your original characters or even a portrait of yourself dressed up as a superhero, this price covers a full-body drawing with colours done in Photoshop.


Adrienne Line-Art for Contest by Femmes-Fatales

For a single drawing without colours, the standard rate is $5. Though not as glamorous as its full colour cousin, this piece gives you a basic outline for a character and is perfect for those of you who are colouring book maniacs.



Marvel's Avengers Redesigned by Femmes-Fatales

If a single character isn't good enough and you want to see an entire team drawn, then the Magnificent Seven Bundle is perfect for you. This bundle comes in at $95 and guarantees you seven individual full-colour pin-up drawings, plus a final ensemble piece at the end (like the one pictured above).


The Women of the DC Universe Redesigned by Femmes-Fatales

If ten characters isn't nearly enough to satisfy your artistic cravings, then the Tenacious Ten Bundle could be just the ticket. For a price of $115, you'll receive ten individual drawings plus an additional ensemble piece featuring all ten characters (like the one pictured above).


Bond Girl - Gala Brand by Femmes-FatalesBond Girl - Tiffany Case by Femmes-FatalesBond Girl - Mary Ann Russell by Femmes-Fatales

For those of you who are interested in commissioning more than one piece, I will offer a 25% discount for each piece. That means instead of paying $20 per character, you'll pay $15. Each piece will be full-colour and will be posted separately. Please note: this discount does not extend to B&W commissions or to the bundles listed above, as they're already offered at discounted rates.


If there's one thing I love getting in this world, it's amazing feedback on the artwork I post on here. Sadly, that's hard to come by since very few comments ever actually exceed one sentence (or sometimes one word - Gasp!). For those of you that offer engaging and thoughtful comments (I'd equate this to at least four solid sentences of relevant feedback or commentary), I extend my gratitude through a deep discount of 50% off commissions. This discount is entirely at my discretion and will be given to those who I feel are superstar commenters.


If you're interested in commissioning me, the process is quite simple. Send me a note with your specifications, including how many characters you'd like, references and character notes, and we'll discuss the official rate for the project. Once the price is agreed upon, I'll get to work on the initial sketch after receiving my payment. Changes to the sketch are made at this time, if at all, then I will ink the piece and lay down flat colours. At this time, I send the piece off for approval. Then it is finished through highlights, shadows and given a background. Easy peasy!

All finished pieces are posted to DeviantART unless otherwise specified.


At this time, I will only be accepting Paypal. It's the fastest and most convenient way for me to receive a payment. However, for clients who are Canadian, an e-transfer from any of our major banks is perfectly acceptable. I will give out my Paypal ID (or email, for e-transfers) upon an agreed price for the commission.

PLEASE NOTE: The rates listed above are negotiable, but are based entirely on the time and effort it takes to complete each piece. I understand they're higher than my old rates, but that was when I was working with the archaic Paint. For those of you who would like a commission, but can't swing the rates, I'm willing to negotiate. However, please be reasonable when negotiating. 
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Outsiders - Batwoman Redesign by Femmes-Fatales
Outsiders - Batwoman Redesign
Outsiders Redesigns, Part 4.

Once a promising soldier, Kate Kane was ousted from the military due to her sexuality. After surviving the depression and alcoholism that followed, she picked herself up and became the vigilante known as Batwoman. Specializing in uncovering the urban myths surrounding Gotham City, this red-hued heroine has gone on to become the leader of the band of misfits called the Outsiders.

This is a more streamlined design in comparison to the ones I've done in the past for Batwoman. She's wearing lightweight armour, accessorized with an arsenal of experimental tech.

Justice League - Martian Manhunter Redesign by Femmes-Fatales
Justice League - Martian Manhunter Redesign
Here's another one the redesigns for my version of the DC Universe.

As the last of his race, J'onn J'onzz fled his planet to escape the tyranny of the White Martians. Taking on the guise of a police officer, he observed Earth culture for several years before taking on the mantle of the hero known as Martian Manhunter. With an array of otherworldly abilities at his disposal, he fights against crime as a key member of the Justice League.

Justice League - Green Arrow Redesign by Femmes-Fatales
Justice League - Green Arrow Redesign
Here's another one the redesigns for my version of the DC Universe.

After being shipwrecked on a seemingly uninhabited island, billionaire playboy Oliver Queen was forced to adapt to his surroundings in order to survive. Upon returning home, he adopted the persona of Green Arrow to fight criminals with his trusty bow and arrow. Though pigheaded at times, he is a trusted member of the Justice League and loving partner to Black Canary.

The redesign here is a simple mix of New 52, CW's Arrow and the Injustice: Gods Among Us take on the character.

Outsiders - Element Woman Redesign by Femmes-Fatales
Outsiders - Element Woman Redesign
Outsiders Redesigns, Part 3.

As Element Woman, Emily Sung is able to shapeshift her form to utilize any chemical element found in the human body. She's admittedly a little awkward, but she's well-meaning and truly loves being a hero.

Despite how few appearances she's made since her debut in Flashpoint, I've come to really like Element Woman and I especially like her costume. That's why I borrowed so heavily from it. I made it a one piece, added satchels and thigh-hi boots, as well as tweaking elements here and there.


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I just noticed that most comic book superheroes tend to have blue eyes. Why, in your view, do you think that is?
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The same reason why the most successful women in popular music these days have blond hair, western society has deemed them as being the most attractive colour.
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you have an awesome gallery so i have decided to watch you and give you a llama.
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bkno Featured By Owner May 17, 2015
Interesting your JSA. Keep up the good job in your DCnU.
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Are you familiar with the TimmStyle?
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As in, Bruce Timm?
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