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It's been a very long time since I've worked on a commission and it's crazy to think how much has changed since my last one. I was laid off from the job I was working and found another (nine excruciating months later!), during which time I finished my first novel and made the transition from Paint to Photoshop.

Now that I'm more confident in my Photoshop abilities (which are admittedly still far from perfect), I wanted to officially state that I am open for commissions.



Justice League - Wonder Woman Redesign by Femmes-Fatales

For a standard pin-up consisting of one character, such as the one pictured above, the standard rate is $20. Whether you'd like a redesign of a fictional character, an illustration of one of your original characters or even a portrait of yourself dressed up as a superhero, this price covers a full-body drawing with colours done in Photoshop.


Adrienne Line-Art for Contest by Femmes-Fatales

For a single drawing without colours, the standard rate is $5. Though not as glamorous as its full colour cousin, this piece gives you a basic outline for a character and is perfect for those of you who are colouring book maniacs.



Marvel's Avengers Redesigned by Femmes-Fatales

If a single character isn't good enough and you want to see an entire team drawn, then the Magnificent Seven Bundle is perfect for you. This bundle comes in at $95 and guarantees you seven individual full-colour pin-up drawings, plus a final ensemble piece at the end (like the one pictured above).


The Women of the DC Universe Redesigned by Femmes-Fatales

If ten characters isn't nearly enough to satisfy your artistic cravings, then the Tenacious Ten Bundle could be just the ticket. For a price of $115, you'll receive ten individual drawings plus an additional ensemble piece featuring all ten characters (like the one pictured above).


Bond Girl - Gala Brand by Femmes-FatalesBond Girl - Tiffany Case by Femmes-FatalesBond Girl - Mary Ann Russell by Femmes-Fatales

For those of you who are interested in commissioning more than one piece, I will offer a 25% discount for each piece. That means instead of paying $20 per character, you'll pay $15. Each piece will be full-colour and will be posted separately. Please note: this discount does not extend to B&W commissions or to the bundles listed above, as they're already offered at discounted rates.


If there's one thing I love getting in this world, it's amazing feedback on the artwork I post on here. Sadly, that's hard to come by since very few comments ever actually exceed one sentence (or sometimes one word - Gasp!). For those of you that offer engaging and thoughtful comments (I'd equate this to at least four solid sentences of relevant feedback or commentary), I extend my gratitude through a deep discount of 50% off commissions. This discount is entirely at my discretion and will be given to those who I feel are superstar commenters.


If you're interested in commissioning me, the process is quite simple. Send me a note with your specifications, including how many characters you'd like, references and character notes, and we'll discuss the official rate for the project. Once the price is agreed upon, I'll get to work on the initial sketch after receiving my payment. Changes to the sketch are made at this time, if at all, then I will ink the piece and lay down flat colours. At this time, I send the piece off for approval. Then it is finished through highlights, shadows and given a background. Easy peasy!

All finished pieces are posted to DeviantART unless otherwise specified.


At this time, I will only be accepting Paypal. It's the fastest and most convenient way for me to receive a payment. However, for clients who are Canadian, an e-transfer from any of our major banks is perfectly acceptable. I will give out my Paypal ID (or email, for e-transfers) upon an agreed price for the commission.

PLEASE NOTE: The rates listed above are negotiable, but are based entirely on the time and effort it takes to complete each piece. I understand they're higher than my old rates, but that was when I was working with the archaic Paint. For those of you who would like a commission, but can't swing the rates, I'm willing to negotiate. However, please be reasonable when negotiating. 
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  • Watching: Power Rangers: Turbo


Mary Marvel Redesign by Femmes-Fatales
Mary Marvel Redesign

Name: Mary Batson

Age: 14 (as Mary Batson), 20 (as Mary Marvel)

Species: Human

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Abilities: Flight, accelerated healing, invulnerability, superhuman speed, reflexes, agility, stamina and strength, clairvoyance, enhanced intellect.

Personality: Mary Batson is a bright and optimistic young girl with a dark past. In her heart of hearts, she is deeply moralistic and believes in doing the right thing. She is an animal lover and cherishes all life.

Notable Family: C.C. Batson (father, deceased), Marilyn Batson (mother, deceased), Billy Batson (brother)

Friends/relationships: Kara Zor-El (Supergirl, friend), Donna Troy (Troia, friend), Barbara Gordon (Batgirl, friend)

History: When she was an infant, Mary Batson’s parents were murdered by the intergalactic orphan maker known as Granny Goodness.

While her twin brother was left behind, Mary was spirited away to the hellish planet Apokalips where she was trained to be part of an elite squad of assassins called the Female Furies.

For a time, Mary was one of their premiere members. However, the rebels Mister Miracle and Big Barda with the help of her twin brother Billy subsequently rescued her.

It was then that Mary learned that she could tap into Billy’s divine gifts given to him by the wizard Shazam. Using these abilities, Mary fled to Earth and became a force for good.


Mary Marvel was a character that didn't originally feature in any of the DC Comics head canon rosters I'd posted for you all. Her absence was largely out of not knowing where I could fit her. However, that didn't necessarily mean that I wasn't going to draw her. After reading the New 52 take on the Marvel family, as written by Geoff Johns, I felt inspired to try my hand at inserting them into my head canon.

As far as Mary and Billy were concerned, I was struck with just how similar they are to He-Man and She-Ra. This revelation inspired me and subsequently influenced my take on the characters, Mary especially.

Design-wise, I decided to tip my hat to She-Ra and admittedly made a bit of an amalgamation between Mary's look and She-Ra's. The red cape was a bit on an on-the-fencer for me. You'll have to tell me whether you like it or whether you feel the look would be more effective as all-white or if she should have a design that's identical to her brother.

When it came to the narrative, I took a cue from She-Ra's past and decided to give Mary a darker origin. By incorporating Apokalips early on, it's a bit of a reversal of what had been done to Mary Pre-Flashpoint and gives her, I feel, a more interesting character arc. It also links the Marvel family to Apokalips in a way that I think is quite interesting.

As always, I love hearing from you all so feel free to let me know what you think of this piece in the comments below.

If you'd like to see more DC Comics redesigns from my head canon, head on over to my gallery.

Enjoy! :)

Femmes Fatales - Melissa by Femmes-Fatales
Femmes Fatales - Melissa
Femmes Fatales, part 4.

FULL NAME: Melissa Anne Carter

DATE OF BIRTH: October 9

AGE: 24



LIKES: Rock music, partying and primetime soap operas

DISLIKES: Domestic duties, academia and gangster rap

ABILITIES: Trained boxer and talented singer-songwriter; fluent in English, Chinese and Spanish

FAMILY: Gloria Carter (mother)

RELATIONSHIPS: Jennette Topaze (friend), Nichelle Williams (friend), Tai Childs (ex-boyfriend), Wes Kelly (former bandmate), Daniel Johnson (former bandmate)

PROFESSION: Receptionist, Femmes Fatales Investigations

PERSONALITY: Melissa is a rough-and-tumble party girl who could care less about her job as a receptionist. She’s messy, loud and speaks her mind every second of the day. Beneath all the piercings and eyeshadow, Melissa does have a rarely seen soft side.

HISTORY: After stumbling her way through high school, Melissa left her hometown of Toronto for the bright lights of New York City with the aspiration of becoming a singer.

As the years wore on and her dream seemed further away, Melissa took on a job as a receptionist for Femmes Fatales Investigations to pay her bills.

These days Melissa seems more interested in drinking and partying than chasing her dreams. This shift in her interests cost her a relationship and it’s placed a strain on the few friendships she currently maintains.


Melissa is one of the lead characters in my as-yet-unpublished novel Femmes Fatales. She is the receptionist for the agency, but you wouldn't know that if you stepped into their offices. More often than not, she's either absent or doing something other than answering phones. By and large, I have found Melissa's party girl and pseudo tough girl persona has endeared her to those that are familiar with my original characters. It's definitely interesting to consider the fact that she was once conceived as a bubbly blond popstar!

For a long time, Melissa had Joan Jett hair and this retained a feminine quality to her. However, late last year I switched things up to bring her further into the rock aesthetic. This meant chopping more of her hair off and giving her a tougher look. This piece obviously conforms to that, but there's a bit of '80s glam put in there with the colour in her hair. Admittedly, Melissa has become very much influenced by Demi Lovato.

As always, I love hearing from you all. Feel free to leave a thoughtful comment below letting me know what you think. For more Femmes Fatales art, head on over to my gallery!

Enjoy! :)

Pink and Yellow Zeo Power Rangers by Femmes-Fatales
Pink and Yellow Zeo Power Rangers
As mentioned in previous Power Rangers artwork I'd submitted, I've been re-watching the franchise's series on Netflix. In essence, I'm reliving my childhood. Along the way, I've been drawing characters from the franchise and reviewing each season as I finish it. This piece here comes on the heels of the finished Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ensemble drawing I'd posted not too long ago (found here -

Since the pieces of the female Rangers performed so well previously, I figured that for the Zeo edition I'd concentrate on the two primary heroines of the season. I drew both and thus this piece was born.


Katherine Hillard, known as Kat to her friends, began her career as a Power Ranger somewhat dubiously. She was the second Pink Mighty Morphin Ranger, but was originally a treacherous henchman for Rita Repulsa. After being responsible for an injury sustained by Kimberly, the guilt Kat felt overrode Rita's brainwashing and ultimately led towards Kat's induction into the Rangers. She stayed with the team for quite some time, becoming both the Pink Zeo Ranger and the first Pink Turbo Ranger.

Kat is characterized by her Type-A personality and her desire for perfection. She's a hard worker and is genuinely frazzled whenever she can't do something flawlessly. An athlete at heart, Kat was once an Olympic hopeful as a diver in her native country of Australia and later became an aspiring ballet dancer. For a time, she harboured feelings for her fellow Ranger Tommy Oliver and it has been hinted at that the pair will eventually settle down and have a family.


Tanya Sloan became a Power Ranger when she encountered the previous Yellow Mighty Morphin Ranger Aisha while living in Africa. Having been separated from her parents, Tanya was on a quest to find her family as Aisha was searching for a shard of the powerful Zeo Crystal. Rather than return home, Aisha sent Tanya back to Angel Grove with the shard. It was here where Tanya became a famed member of the Power Rangers, as both the Yellow Zeo Ranger and the first Yellow Turbo Ranger.

Tanya is a fun-loving individual whose playfulness makes her easy to get along with. She also has a strong sense of right and wrong, even when it means sacrificing friendships in order to do the right thing. She's also known for her talents as a singer, which is something that is emphasized throughout her time as a Ranger.


As with the previous drawings I've done of the Rangers, I really wanted to capture the essence of these characters, particularly in their civilian guises. Kat was really fun, since I went for something really girlie and preppy. I felt it really suited her personality. Tanya, however, was more of a challenge. Her style was fairly close to Kat's throughout the series and I really didn't want to have both the characters dress similarly here. As such, I went for a more mature look for Tanya that was less traditionally feminine than Kat's. Capturing Nakia Burrise's distinctive appearance was a big challenge for me.

The Zeo ensembles were a pain, as you can imagine. Even though I think they're super stylish, there are so many finicky little details that I just simply couldn't get them all. In fact, I had to draw the golden trims on a separate sheet just to be able to draw the details I could get in. Nevertheless, I'm glad I made that effort because I think this piece was actually much stronger than the Mighty Morphin ones.

In case you're curious, you can check out my review of Power Rangers Zeo by clicking on the link to my blog below. You can also find more Power Rangers fanart in my gallery.

Review: Power Rangers Zeo - divas-femmes-fatales.blogspot.…

Enjoy! :)
Justice Society - Stargirl Redesign by Femmes-Fatales
Justice Society - Stargirl Redesign
Justice Society of America Redesigns, Part 1.

Name: Courtney Whitmore

Age: 16

Species: Human

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Equipment: Cosmic Converter Belt, Cosmic Staff

Personality: Courtney is an upbeat teenager who has a strong sense of right and wrong. She is fiercely dedicated to the pursuit of justice and takes her role as a superhero very seriously.

Notable Family: Barbara Whitmore (mother), Pat Dugan (stepfather)

Friends/relationships: Kara Zor-El (Supergirl, friend), Barbara Gordon (Batgirl, friend), Cassandra Sandsmark (Wonder Girl, friend)

History: By day, Courtney is an average teenager who worries about getting good grades and crushes on the cutest boys. Once the bell rings, she becomes the celebrity superheroine known as Stargirl.

Having coopted her stepfather’s cosmic creations, Courtney took to the skies as a vigilante and became an instant internet sensation. This newfound celebrity earned her a place on the Justice Society of America, where she has become a protégée for many of the team’s older members.


As quite a few of you will remember, Stargirl was not one of the original heroes I'd selected as part of the Justice Society of America in my head canon. This probably implied that I don't like the character and that really couldn't be further from the truth. Since I was really originally inspired by Paul Levitz's 1980s JSA line-up, I felt it was only fitting to rejig the group I'd selected to match that even closer. That meant including someone within the Star-Spangled Kid's role and who else would be better for that than Court?

Since she's had such a distinctive design for so long, it seemed weird trying to deviate from that. As such, I worked with her iconic uniform and tweaked it to be a little different. I was really inspired by '80s cartoon heroines and she kind of came out as an almost Magical Girl-esque heroine. This is furthered by my own imagined status of her as a true dual identity celebrity, à la Jem or Hannah Montana. Of course, the celebrity thing was really due to how she's portrayed back when she was introduced during the New 52 initiative. It was a nice twist on the character, since it reversed the memorable roles she and Supergirl played in Justice League Unlimited. Back on the design, I gave her a full bodysuit with red bordered white stars. The look is completed with her black combat boots and red gloves, as well as a blue domino mask. I tweaked her staff and belt only slightly to feature a star detail. It's very Sailor Moon. Overall, I wanted to be really respectful of her appearance. Since she was based off of Geoff Johns' late sister, it was really important for me to make sure she wasn't some vapid sexed up blow-up doll. That's part of what makes Courtney so amazing, it's that she's relatable and comes across as a level-headed teenager.

For more DC Comics redesigns, head on over to my gallery.

Enjoy! :)


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