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After posting my redesigns for the Justice Society, Legion of Super-HeroesJustice League and Teen Titans, I've gotten a lot of great feedback from you guys. Since I've decided that I wanted the next in this series will be the Green Lantern Corps, I wanted to get your opinions on the roster prior to submitting the piece. Many of you expressed disappointment with the line-up I'd chosen for the LoSH, despite its rather large roster of 20 full-time members, so to try and lessen the frequency of such comments on the GLC it seemed only logical to get your input first.

Below you'll find a list of Green Lanterns and what I'd love for you all to do would be to select your top ten favourites. The seven that receive the most votes will make the final cut and will be the roster you'll see when I post my redesigned ensemble illustration. Keep in mind the first name on the list is, in fact, part of the Corps in my series.

Unlike previous polls, you can feel free to include characters that aren't listed. However, please make sure they were a canon member of the Green Lantern Corps, either Pre-Crisis, Post-Crisis or in the New 52.

  • Alan Scott
  • Hal Jordan
  • Guy Gardner
  • John Stewart
  • Kyle Rayner
  • Simon Baz
  • Jade
  • Kilowog
  • Arisia
  • Katma Tui
  • Salaak
  • Sodam Yot
  • Soranik Natu
  • Princess Iolande 
  • G'Nort
  • Liara
  • Arkkis
  • Tomar-Re
  • Graf
  • Boodikka
  • Ch'p
  • B'dg

Also, many thanks to the horde that came out to vote for the female DC villains poll. You all are amazing! Those bad girls will be coming shortly, just as soon as I finish all the heroes. So please check out the ensemble pieces I've posted so far and keep the comments coming. :)
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Femmes Fatales by Femmes-Fatales
Femmes Fatales
As many of you know, I don't just draw superheroes from Marvel and DC Comics. In fact, by trade I'm a writer and one of my original creations is the series Femmes Fatales. It's a proposed franchise I've worked on since I was a teenager and it has evolved countless times over the years. From envisioning it as a traditional superhero team to directing a short film with my friends in high school to writing a novel, the Femmes Fatales are one of my most constant sources of inspiration and enthusiasm.

While the vast majority of my watchers are solely interested in fanart, there have been a handful of you who have been kind enough to venture off into my gallery and have checked out my Femmes Fatales. The support of original works is so rare on DeviantArt and so those of you who willingly spend your free time checking out something that's original are truly special.

In its current incarnation, the Femmes Fatales are a private investigations agency based out of Toronto. Proposed as a series of novels, the first deals with the assassination of a martial arts instructor in Japan. Joined by his student Nichelle, the Femmes Fatales investigate the circumstances of his death and must uncover the secrets of a mysterious artifact he left behind known as the Emerald Dragon. The novel blends genres, paying homage to noir while incorporating elements of thriller, fantasy and drama.

The five characters drawn here serve as the main female protagonists in the series. From left to right, there's Jennette Topaze, Melissa Carter, Adrienne Beaumont, Andie Bennett and Nichelle Williams. For specific information about these characters, you can check out their profiles below.



LIKES: Classic literature, ballet and science
DISLIKES: Partying, athletes and her mother
ABILITIES: A skilled scientist and trained medic; fluent in English, French and Japanese
FAMILY: Min Song (mother), Kenta Otaka (father, deceased), Lauren Otaka (sister, deceased), Toshiro Otaka (uncle, deceased), Hideo Otaka (cousin), Reika Otaka (cousin)
PROFESSION: Medical Consultant, Femmes Fatales Investigations

PERSONALITY: At first glance, Jennette appears standoffish and distant. However, she is actually deeply sensitive and extremely thoughtful. She cares for her friends, but doesn’t often show it. Much of this is due to the tragedies and losses from her past.

HISTORY: Once an aspiring ballerina, Jennette left dance to pursue medicine after the deaths of her father and twin sister Lauren. During this time, her relationship with her mother became strained and she was forced to find a way to support herself without her mother's financial aid. It was then that she took a job as a part-time consultant for Femmes Fatales Investigations. Though her expertise as a scientist was limited, she found herself as a much-needed medic for the group.


DATE OF BIRTH: October 9
LIKES: Rock music, partying and primetime soap operas
DISLIKES: Domestic duties, academia and gangster rap
ABILITIES: Trained boxer and talented singer-songwriter; fluent in English, Chinese and Spanish
FAMILY: Gloria Carter (mother), James Carter (father)
PROFESSION: Receptionist, Femmes Fatales Investigations

PERSONALITY: Melissa is a rough-and-tumble party girl who could care less about her job as a receptionist. She’s messy, loud and speaks her mind every second of the day. Beneath all the piercings and eyeshadow, Melissa does have a rarely seen soft side.

HISTORY: After stumbling her way through high school, Melissa left her hometown of Toronto for the bright lights of New York City with the aspiration of becoming a singer. As the years wore on and her dream seemed further away, Melissa returned home and took on a job as a receptionist for Femmes Fatales Investigations to pay her bills. These days Melissa seems more interested in drinking and partying than chasing her dreams. This shift in her interests cost her a relationship and it’s placed a strain on the few friendships she currently maintains.


LIKES: Dancing, history and fashion
DISLIKES: Katrina Rucifel, Katrina Rucifel and, oh yeah, Katrina Rucifel
ABILITIES: Trained martial artist and marksman; fluent in English, Chinese and Spanish
FAMILY: Nina Bennett (mother), Hugo Beaumont (father, deceased), Yvette Beaumont (sister), Alain Beaumont (brother), Russell Bennett (stepfather), Andrea Bennette (stepsister)
PROFESSION: CEO, Beaumont Enterprises

PERSONALITY: Adrienne is a sophisticate whose beauty is matched only by her remarkable wit and intelligence. She's known for her take-no-prisoners attitude and manipulative streak, as well as her hatred for her business rival Katrina Rucifel. Despite her steely exterior, Adrienne has a good heart and is unwavering in her loyalty towards those she loves.

HISTORY: Once a feared prosecutor, Adrienne abruptly changed careers after the death of her father. She inherited his company and helped guide it through turmoil to become one of the largest conglomerates in Canada. Recently she's taken interest in Femmes Fatales Investigations due to their possession of an ancient artifact that she's searched for for years.


DATE OF BIRTH: January 28
LIKES: Fast cars, guns, and solving mysteries
DISLIKES: Injustice, ignorance and discrimination
ABILITIES: Expert pilot and skilled marksman; fluent in English and French
FAMILY: Russell Bennett (father), Dina Bennett (mother, deceased), Deborah Childs (aunt), Tai Childs (cousin), Adrienne Beaumont (stepsister), Nina Bennett (stepmother), Yvette Beaumont (stepsister), Alain Beaumont (stepbrother)
PROFESSION: Private Investigator, Femmes Fatales Investigations

PERSONALITY: Andie is a thrill-seeking individual who lives for the chase. She likes to live life dangerously, which often puts her in conflict with those who care about her. At the same time, she is fiercely loyal and will do whatever it takes to protect her loved ones. She’s also a staunch liberal and is a proud supporter of LGBTQ rights.

HISTORY: After graduating from high school, Andie joined the Canadian Air Force. She quickly rose through the ranks, before being chosen for a special program called Project: AVES. 

Following the death of her aunt, Andie left Project: AVES and became the sole guardian for her cousin Tai. To support herself, Andie opened up a private detective agency in Toronto named Femmes Fatales Investigations.


DATE OF BIRTH: December 12
ZODIAC SIGN: Sagittarius
LIKES: Martial arts, cooking and Janet Jackson
DISLIKES: Vengeance, immaturity and racism
ABILITIES: Expert martial artist, trained in edged weaponry; fluent in English and Japanese
FAMILY: Christie Williams (sister), Trina Williams (mother), Michael Williams (father)

PERSONALITY: Nichelle is a calm and articulate woman whose passion for martial arts makes her a formidable warrior. She is a natural detective with excellent deductive reasoning. While she is extremely logical, Nichelle leads with her heart. This makes her a trustworthy and understanding friend. Above all else, Nichelle lives by a strict moral code. She doesn’t believe in vengeance and adheres to a no killing rule.

HISTORY: Growing up in the shadow of her talented older sister Christie, Nichelle left home after high school and ventured to Japan. 

Taking up residence in Okinawa, she followed her love of the martial arts and trained for years under the tutelage of Toshiro Otaka at the Emerald Dragon Dojo. For a time, she enjoyed a passionate love affair with her mentor’s son Hideo. In the end, Hideo’s jealousy over his father’s preferential treatment towards Nichelle poisoned the relationship.

Some time later, a band of mercenaries invaded the dojo and assassinated Toshiro Otaka. Angry and seeking answers, Nichelle followed a series of clues that led her towards a mysterious statue.

Travelling back to the States, Nichelle contacted Femmes Fatales Investigations in order to help her with the investigation of her mentor’s death.


As always, I absolutely love hearing from you guys so please feel free to leave a comment below letting me know what you think of the art and of these characters.

I want to reiterate that I really appreciate those of you who are supportive of my original works. It's difficult sometimes to stay motivated and work on original characters when you know that your watchers are more interested in seeing you draw characters they already know and love. Specifically, I want to give shout-outs to K-Jounin, Historyman14, AzureVirgo, Hallwings, Jyger85 and kingfury76. These guys are pretty consistent in their support of my work and each of them took the time out to leave a comment, big or small, on the individual submissions of these characters prior to the posting of this ensemble piece. Thanks guys!


My DC Universe - Justice League United Redesigned by Femmes-Fatales
My DC Universe - Justice League United Redesigned
Part six of my head canon DC Universe teams.

Justice League United is a subdivision of the Justice League, created out of necessity due to the League's feeling that there needed to be a second team in place should the first ever perish.

The founding members of the League each handpicked the heroes for this group, with Hal Jordan serving as their senior liaison, prompting John Stewart's promotion into the primary League. (Superman -> Steel, Aquaman -> Hawkgirl, the Flash -> Atom, Wonder Woman -> Black Canary, Batman -> Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter -> Zatanna) Red Tornado joined the group shortly after its debut.

This group primarily takes a street-level stance on crimefighting, seeking to challenge corporate and political corruption. Due to Zatanna's presence on the team, they also face the occasional supernatural menace. Some of their primary foes include Felix Faust, Tala, the Ravens, the Royal Flush Gang, Intergang, Amazo and Morgana le Fay.

If you have yet to check out the primary Justice League, you can see it here:

For character bios, read on below.



Real Name: John Henry Irons

Race: Human

Abilities: Energy resistance, radioscopic scans, superhuman durability and strength, flight

Relationship Status: Married to Blondell Irons

Personality Traits: Clear-headed, methodical, steadfast

Biography: Once an inventor for LexCorp, John Henry Irons abandoned his post after realizing his inventions were intended to kill Superman.


Feeling remorseful over his actions, John crafted an advanced suit of armor and used it to sabotage Lex Luthor’s malicious campaigns against Superman.

Due to his actions, John has become a trusted ally of Superman and for this reason was elected into the Justice League.



Real Name: Kendra Munoz-Saunders

Race: Human

Abilities: Flight, martial arts

Relationship Status: Single

Personality Traits: Daring, playful, sarcastic, tough, cynical

Biography: Kendra Munoz-Saunders lived a fast-paced life as an adventurer and treasure hunter, enjoying a no-strings attached kind of lifestyle.


Destiny would intervene when she uncovered an ancient tomb carrying giant wings and otherworldly weaponry. Upon touching these artifacts, she discovered that she was the reincarnation of the Egyptian Chay-Ara Hol. This great queen had been cursed many centuries ago by a jealous suitor, fated to never exist at the same time as her true love Khufu. The lovers would be reincarnated many times over, but never in the same lifetime.


Disturbed and angered by what she learned, Kendra became the warrior hero known as Hawkgirl and pledged to find a way to undo the curse placed upon her legacy.



Real Name: Ryan Choi

Race: Human

Abilities: Size reduction

Relationship Status: Single

Personality Traits: Educated, gentle, sociable, big-thinking

Biography: Ryan Choi is a brilliant physicist who just recently became a professor at Ivy University, due to his exciting theories on harnessing the powers of white dwarf star material.


These experiments subsequently granted him the ability to alter his size to microscopic proportions and teleport when in said state.


Though Ryan initially pursued science as an avenue with which he could do good in the world, he has since gone into superheroism to further this goal.


While Ryan loves being part of the League, he does find it difficult to work alongside Hawkgirl, whom he has a massive crush on.



Real Name: Hal Jordan

Race: Human

Abilities: Energy construct creation, force field, energy projection, flight

Relationship Status: Single

Personality Traits: Forthright, resourceful, competitive, impatient

Biography: Hal Jordan is a test pilot turned space cop. He was the second human inducted into the Green Lantern Corps and has taken his role very seriously.


As the senior liaison within this division of the Justice League, Hal expects total respect from his teammates. However, Green Arrow frequently challenges him due to their opposing perspectives and political outlooks.



Real Name: Dinah Lance

Race: Metahuman

Abilities: Supersonic scream, martial arts

Relationship Status: Dating Green Arrow

Personality Traits: Allocentric, honorable, loyal, outspoken

Biography: Dinah Lance is a skilled thief and master martial artist. Her unique skills placed her on the radar of the government, who pardoned her past criminal activities in exchange for her becoming an agent.


After proving herself, Dinah was tasked with infiltrating the League of Assassins. Though she excelled within their ranks, she could not “graduate” due to her unwillingness to kill. Faced with the penalty of death for her inaction, Dinah barely escaped their attacks and subsequently took up sanctuary on Themyscira.


Dinah was further trained by the Amazons and became a good friend of Wonder Woman, but knew she had to return home. Upon returning to America, Dinah adopted the mantle of Black Canary and became co-leader of this expanded Justice League.



Real Name: Oliver Queen

Race: Human

Abilities: Archery

Relationship Status: Dating Black Canary

Personality Traits: Charismatic, liberal, romantic, stubborn, arrogant

Biography: Years ago, business tycoon Oliver Queen was shipwrecked on an island infested with escaped criminals and dangerous creatures. He was forced to learn how to fight and kill to survive, thus leaving the island a changed man.


As Green Arrow, he’s fought tirelessly to end corruption and this determination has made him a frequent ally to Batman. After years of occasional partnership, Batman invited Green Arrow to take part in the Justice League.


Though he believes he’s the leader of the pack, Oliver has a love-hate relationship with leader Hal and maintains a hot-and-heavy love affair with Dinah. In all of this, there's one person who threatens to break up this lovefest. The assassin Cheshire, a figure from both Oliver and Dinah's pasts, has returned with some rather surprising (and dramatic) news.



Real Name: Zatanna Zatara

Race: Homo Magi

Abilities: Magic

Relationship Status: Single

Personality Traits: Focused, intuitive, assertive, extravagant

Biography: The daughter of a great magician and a powerful sorceress, Zatanna Zatara is one of the most powerful beings on Earth.


Though she went through a rebellious phase in her youth, where she spent much of her time with the bad influence extraordinaire John Constantine, she sobered up after the death of her father.


Seeking to continue his legacy, Zatanna stepped into her father’s shoes as a stage magician and continued her mother’s work by fighting against evil as a superhero.



Real Name: John Smith

Race: Android

Abilities: Aerokinesis

Relationship Status: Single

Personality Traits: Contemplative, rational, inhibited

Biography: Red Tornado is a life-like android that was created by the scientist T.O. Morrow and granted abilities by the sorcerer Felix Faust. He was tasked with destroying the newly founded Justice League United, but instead turned on his creators.


Though he was left lifeless for a time, Zatanna was able to resurrect him and give him a soul through magic.


He’s now finding his way in the world, helping out as part of the Justice League. He desires nothing more than to be truly human, something he hopes Zatanna will be able to accomplish as she becomes stronger in her magicks.


For her part in his new life, Red Tornado has a strange mix of feelings towards Zatanna. He is protective, but quite possibly loves her as well.    


As many of you will note, Justice League United is the name of a spin-off of the Justice League featuring a Canadian-based team. I love the idea of some of my favourite superheroes traipsing around Canada, so I decided that their base of operations would in fact be in Canada. It seems fitting considering the fact that many of DC Comics' TV shows have filmed in Canada. That doesn't mean they exclusively fight crime in Canada though. They're a well-travelled bunch.

On the subject of their backstories, most of the changes made were small but impactful. With Hawkgirl, I wanted to find an organic way to give her a purpose and to have an in-story reason for why I don't have Hawkman around. While I didn't include him mostly due to not wanting to essentially have two versions of the same character, I thought that it was interesting to play around with some of the tragic love stories that have been written before. With Black Canary, I needed to think of a way to link her to Wonder Woman. That's how the whole sojourn on Themyscira thing came about. With the LoA, that's really inspiration from Arrow. Lastly, the rejigging of Red Tornado's backstory was meant to pay homage to what I refer to below.

This is probably a more "fun" roster than the traditional seven. It's eclectic and has stronger personalities. In a way, this is to the main League what West Coast Avengers was to the regular Avengers. Hell, the Red Tornado and Zatanna stuff is so Scarlet Witch and Vision! That's a purposeful homage.

I also want to mention that Red Tornado is the exclusive character to this ensemble piece, as all of the others can be found individually in my gallery. His inclusion happened completely out of necessity. When I'd put the seven original members together, a shrunken Atom meant that the art looked unbalanced. Thus, I needed an eighth member to round things out.

I really want to thank those of you who participated in the polls I held to select the characters for my head canon. Specifically, I'd like to give shout-outs to 
kingziggyJyger85LeumasyHistoryman14AzureVirgo, TristanDavisDanFalconK-Jounin and ChazH101, as they voted for characters present here. 

As always, I'd absolutely love to hear what you guys think of these designs, this team and the individual characters. Please feel free to leave a thoughtful comment below.

Enjoy! :)

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I use PIXLR to make pngs/renders, I also use Paint to repaint/give armor to certain heroes if need be.  
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Hew story. It's only have the intro and first chapter up, but thoughts so far?…
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I have to admit, it's a little difficult to read due to the grammatical errors. You should ask a friend or family member to proofread it if they're particularly good with spelling and grammar.

Other than that, I like the setting and tone you're going for. Still, it's a little too much telling and not enough showing. It reads more like a bio or a concept rather than a piece of fiction. There's literally no action on the first page there, which won't help grab the reader or endear them to the character.

I hope that helps. I'm just trying to give you some honest feedback based on my own experience as a writer, having taken classes and through shopping around my first novel.
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