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September proved to be a hectic month for me. I had a couple interviews, started re-working my submission strategy for my novel, and switched to Photoshop for colouring my art. In between this, I managed to sneak in a few blog entries. For the most part, I stuck to reviews of comics and two episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal. I was lucky enough to score another retweet this month, this time from Marjorie Liu on my review of her first volume of her run on Astonishing X-Men. She's such a lovely person! Be sure to check out the links below for the blog entries for this month. Please feel free to leave a comment on any of them. :)

Review: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal - Episode 5
Review: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal - Episode 6

Top 10: Most Underrated Marvel Characters
Review: Astonishing X-Men - Northstar
Review: Uncanny X-Men Volume 1 - Revolution
Review: Astonishing X-Men - Weaponized
Review: Uncanny X-Men Volume 2 - Broken
Top 10: Greatest Women of the X-Men
Review: New Avengers - The Reunion

I also want to say a big thank you to those of you who have stuck around since my transition to Photoshop. Overall, the favourites and comments have gone down. No doubt this is a result of people not liking the way my art looks currently. However, it's been a necessary step in moving forward as an artist. For those of you who like how my art looks now and are still supporting me, you guys are awesome! I also want to give an extra thank you to the few of you who took the time out to read the prologue to my novel that I have posted in my gallery. That means more than I can say!

In terms of my rebooted Marvel universe, I'll be posting some stuff in the coming days that will reveal the direction I've gone in. I hope you'll all like them! :)
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Bond Girl - Gala Brand by Femmes-Fatales
Bond Girl - Gala Brand
Galatea "Gala" Brand is the lead Bond Girl from the third James Bond novel "Moonraker." She's a tough policewoman whose attractive appearance contrasts her seemingly frigid temperament. At the onset of the novel, Gala is working undercover as the secretary for the villainous Drax. She is overseeing the project Moonraker, an experimental atomic missile, and has become dedicated to seeing its completion. When James Bond enters the picture, all of that changes.

Gala Brand is one of my favourite Bond Girls. She's totally badass and her status as a policewoman makes her atypical for the literary Bond Girls. She's one of the most unique women in Ian Fleming's oeuvre and has a very distinct appearance as well, which I was eager to capture. Gala is known for her auburn hair and the infamous mole on her right breast. In drawing her, I decided to place her in a professional suit and gave her a hairstyle reflective of the era in which she was created. I'm actually quite pleased with the outcome.

As a sidenote, it should be noted that the literary Moonraker is vastly different from what we got on film. For one, the entire premise is completely different and the source text had nothing to do with space. Additionally, Gala has the distinction of being the only literary Bond Girl from the full-length novels to never appear on screen. However, she nearly made it into "Die Another Day" before Rosamund Pike's character was renamed as Miranda Frost.

To see some of the other literary Bond Girls I've drawn, click on the links below.
Bond Girl - Vesper Lynd
Bond Girl - Solitaire

'90s Jean Grey by Femmes-Fatales
'90s Jean Grey
The 1990s were a big decade for the X-Man known as Jean Grey. After years apart from the team, Jean re-joined the X-Men as part of their Gold Strike Team. She married her long-time love Scott Summers and the two enjoyed a series of adventures together. Additionally, she became the unofficial den mother for the X-Men and frequently provided a source of comfort for teammates like Iceman, Storm and Jubilee. She also kicked lots of ass. In one of her most memorable appearances, Jean single-handedly took down Sabretooth in X-Men #28.

At the time, Jean Grey was also one of the X-Men featured in the seminal '90s animated series based off of Marvel's Merry Mutants. Sadly, the character fell short of her portrayal in the comics. She was swept up into a soap opera-like love triangle with Cyclops and Wolverine and was featured less frequently than some of her other teammates. Overall, the series struggled to show how strong she is and failed to emphasize her role as the X-Men's heart and soul.

For her appearances in the 1990s, Jean Grey wore the classic Jim Lee-designed bodysuit. It was a gold and blue suit that featured metallic shoulderpads, gauntlets and a headdress. She also wore her hair long and free, which was in contrast to the cartoon where it was pulled back into a ponytail. 

For another '90s X-Men drawing, click on the link below.
'90s Storm

Sailor Mercury by Femmes-Fatales
Sailor Mercury
It's not easy being a genius. At least, I'm sure that's what Ami Mizuno would tell you. As the smartest girl at her school, she's alienated and deemed standoffish. What the other students don't know is that she's also the Sailor Guardian known as Sailor Mercury. Wielding the elements of water and ice, Sailor Mercury's brains and determination make her a formidable heroine.

As a kid, Sailor Mercury was never among my favourites. Years later, I garnered an appreciation for her character and came to sympathize with her more than any of the others through her depictions in the manga, the musicals and the live-action television show. Ami is such a complex character and is definitely underrated amongst North Americans, who tend to devalue her defensive capabilities. Thankfully, her appearance in Sailor Moon Crystal is doing plenty to show people that she can be a total badass in battle.

In drawing the character here, I wanted to capture the way she appeared in the manga while taking some cues from the new series. I used the cover of the second volume of the manga for reference and did my best to capture her likeness. It's certainly not an easy task when you're an artist that primarily sticks to western-style art.

For those interested, you can also check out my drawing of Sailor Moon by clicking on the link below.
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

As always, I love getting comments so feel free to leave one below.

'90s Storm by Femmes-Fatales
'90s Storm
Back in the early-'90s, nothing was hotter in comics than the X-Men. At the time, Marvel's Merry Mutants had a hit cartoon on their hands and were experiencing a major boom in popularity. In the comics, they'd split off into two teams and were headlining two separate titles (a first in X-Men history).

During this time, Storm was elected leader of the Gold Strike Team (their adventures were documented in the pages of Uncanny X-Men). She'd gone through a gut-wrenching break-up with Forge and began flirting with new teammate Bishop. Through it all, she had her best friend Jean Grey by her side. In the cartoon, Storm was the untouchable mistress of the elements. Known for her tendency to narrate herself in battle and drag queen-like voice, she wasn't as nuanced as she was in the comics and tended to divide viewers who felt she wasn't relatable. Sadly, episodes focused on the character tended to be of a lesser quality. This was in stark contrast to the comics, where many of the Storm-centric stories were the most memorable.

The silver costume Storm donned during the early-'90s is easily her most recognizable look to the casual audience. It's fun to draw the look, despite its rather dated elements (those shoulder pads… Oy!). I figured that I needed an updated drawing of Storm in this ensemble, so here it is.

Enjoy! :)
Bronze Age Starfire by Femmes-Fatales
Bronze Age Starfire
Originally introduced in the early-1980s, Princess Koriand'r of Tamaran was a rogue warrior whose escape from her captivity at the hands of the Psions led her to Earth. Dubbed Starfire after the bolts of energy she is able to project from her hands, Koriand'r joined the superhero team known as the Teen Titans. She became friends with her fellow teammate Donna Troy (otherwise known as Wonder Girl), whose support and patience helped the wayward alien to adjust to the laws of man. Koriand'r also fell for Robin,  the leader of the group. Known for her free-spirited nature and aggressive tendencies, Starfire became a fan-favourite character.

Although Starfire is likely best known for her appearance in the children's cartoon Teen Titans from the early-2000s, the source text solidified her status as one of DC Comics' greatest warriors and heroines.

After drawing Catwoman in her Bronze Age appearance, I decided to try out Starfire as well. There are quite a few drawings of Starfire in my gallery, but I'd never drawn the character as she first appeared. For reference, I used the legendary Jose Luis Garcia Lopez's art from the seminal DC Comics Style Guide.

To see Catwoman's Bronze Age drawing, click on the link below.
Bronze Age Catwoman


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darkfallenangeled Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry for the late reply, I will definetly get to reading your prologue when i have time.
Femmes-Fatales Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Cool. :)
darkfallenangeled Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Ya, sorry I haven't yet, been busy as hell. 
Meteor-Bear Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014   Traditional Artist
Great stuff! I enjoyed looking through your catalog of Xmen designs and redesigns.
Femmes-Fatales Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! I really appreciate that. :)
thegreenyeun95 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014
What are your favourite and least favourite storylines from the entire MARVEL Universes and why?
Femmes-Fatales Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
That's a really broad question and it's really difficult to answer because of that. In a genre like superhero comics, defining "storyline" is nearly impossible to do since they can span several issues or it can be a mere issue.

In general, I tend to consider one of my favourite "storylines" to be Storm's evolution within the X-Men during Chris Claremont's first tenure on Uncanny X-Men. The entire saga is essentially one long subplot that begins shortly after Giant-Size X-Men and leads all the way up until the formation of the Gold Strike Team in 1991.

Another one of my favourite stories features Dazzler going up against Juggernaut solo in Uncanny X-Men, which is subsequently followed by her teammates intervening to rescue her.

Other favourites include Marjorie Liu's run on Astonishing X-Men, the Schism storyline from X-Treme X-Men, the last couple of storylines from Ms. Marvel v2, the Dark Phoenix Saga, storylines from Dazzler's solo series… it really goes on and on! As you can tell, most of my favourites tend to come from the X-Men side of things.

As for my least favourite storylines, I'd say they largely have connections to the Avengers or other parts of the Marvel Universe. Most of the event titles Marvel releases are pretty atrocious, but I also don't particularly like the vast majority of the stories Marvel released prior to the 1980s. The stuff from the '60s is especially hard to sit through. However, one of the all-time worst storylines they've ever released is still The Rape of Ms. Marvel. That one was just pure trash.
thegreenyeun95 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014
Poor Ms. Marvel/Carol Danvers... ;n; I feel so sorry for her... (Hugs and comfort Carol/Ms. Marvel)
By the way, I am so sorry for asking that question though..
Femmes-Fatales Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Carol has gone through a lot in her life. She's endured discrimination, was raped by a being from another dimension, abandoned by her teammates, narrowly survived Rogue's brutal attack on her, lost her powers, was tortured but the Brood, and suffered through a near crippling bout of alcoholism. Thankfully, I think that her evolution into Captain Marvel has helped her to go from a victim to a true blue survivor and the galaxy's premiere defender.

Why would you be sorry for asking the question?
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ANWAR1982 Featured By Owner Edited Sep 29, 2014
Hello Taylor, have you ever watched the 1970's "Scooby-Doo Show" episode "Ozark Witch Switch" where ''Shaggy" and the gang helping the "Hatfields" investigate "Old Witch McCoy" revenging them to turn into frogs, have you seen that episode??

can u draw "Daphne Blake"wearing a 'hillbilly-style garb, she's wearing a head scarf, a long 'T-Shirt'-like dress and barefoot like she have on in the "Ozark Witch Switch" episode, will you able 2 draw it and post it to your ''Newest Deviations'', please??
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