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Amazons Menalippe and Penelope Redesign Profile by Femmes-Fatales Amazons Menalippe and Penelope Redesign Profile by Femmes-Fatales
This is the fourteenth in a series of character redesigns for an imagined Wonder Woman live-action television series as produced by myself initially based off George Perez's iconic run on the Post-Crisis title. Here we have the Amazon priestesses Menalippe and Penelope!

These two Amazons figured mostly into George Perez's run on Wonder Woman with Menalippe especially playing a large role. I see them really as the power couple on Themyscira and they appear to have a very loving relationship which has likely lasted centuries. Menalippe is a fairly unassuming Amazon and her blind faith almost makes her seem naive. Unlike many of her Amazon sisters, Menalippe seems to be disinterested in the ways of war and sees the solution to conflict as being passive prayer. I see her as demure and simple. Penelope, however, I see as being more vivacious and vibrant. She loves Menalippe dearly and acts almost like her caregiver at times. Their relationship is quite sweet though as Penelope's love for Menalippe is both obvious and touching. I also find Penelope's name choice interesting. Penelope was the name of Odysseus' faithful wife who waited patiently for her husband to arrive home from the Trojan War. Though everyone insisted her husband was dead, Penelope constantly put off choosing another husband because she was sure of her husband's eventual homecoming. I think that is parallel to the Amazon Penelope's devotion to Menalippe.

When it came to coming up with specific looks for them, I kept with the overall design from the comics but chose to rework some aspects. Menalippe's honey-hued hair is still present but she appears almost like a Mother Theresa figure in her robes. It was a purposeful decision to have her appear almost nun-like or even almost Indian since it serves to emphasize her closeness with religion. As mentioned before, I wanted each Amazon to have a signature colour (Hippolyta's is purple, Phillipus' is red, Euboea's is a pale green) so I chose blue for Menalippe. It is a colour primarily associated with virginity and was specifically linked to the Virgin Mary for quite some time. With Penelope, I decided to make her very Earthy in her appearance and very Gypsy-like. From the wild hair to the gold earrings, I liked the contrast it offered to her in comparison to Menalippe. I opted for her signature colour to be a deep forest green so as to make her seem that much more linked to nature. I also decided to specifically have Penelope be looked at as a healer so as to give her some prominence and independence away from her relationship to Menalippe.


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RobertBell79 Featured By Owner May 25, 2013
I didn't have a problem with the Gargareans. Since I know Gail's a smart lady and she was taking something that's actually from myth.
mpz28 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012
very nice :)
Jkthelemonking Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012
So, are these amazons the born from the mystic cave types, or New 52 origin style?

Speaking of which, am I the only one expecting a wonder boy of some sorts......erm maybe with a better name
Femmes-Fatales Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Mystic cave types? LMAO! That's a way too oversimplified attempt at explaining the George Perez origins for the Amazons. It's more accurate to call them the Well of Lost Souls Amazons. While Queen Hippolyta and Diana's souls date back to the "cavemen," the other Amazons' souls come from other times. In terms of the origins I'd be working with within my series, if you've been paying attention you'd recognize that it's meant to be an adaptation of George Perez's work on Wonder Woman first and foremost. To me, his run remains the best ever done for Wonder Woman and his version of pretty much everything is superior to what's come before or after.

Also, there's been a "Wonder Boy"-ish thing before. His name was Captain Wonder then a little later Gail Simone did her own male equivalent to Wonder Woman. They're both lame ideas and the presence of yet ANOTHER male intrusion into Wonder Woman's mythology would be an unwelcome idea in my opinion as a hardcore Wonder Woman fan.
MightyMorphinPower4 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012
Fantastic work
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