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Teen Titans - Robin by Femmes-Fatales Teen Titans - Robin by Femmes-Fatales
Inspired by the Marv Wolfman and George Perez era of the New Teen Titans, I've drawn a series of drawings imagining the characters under a contemporary context. In other words, what would this classic team look like in today's modern society? Fourth in this series is Richard "Dick" Grayson AKA Robin.

When Marv Wolfman and George Perez started their now-iconic Teen Titans run, it was very clear that they had a plan for Richard Grayson. Once the wise-cracking sidekick to the Batman, it was decided that the Boy Wonder would grow up. Dick went away to college and began distancing himself from his mentor. Their relationship became strained and he spent more time in New York City with the Titans than in Gotham City. Rather than taking orders from Batman, Robin began calling the shots for the very first time in his career. He became the leader of the Teen Titans and found a new family for himself. He even began falling for his fellow Titan Starfire. However, his relationships and tenure as the leader of the Titans began slipping away. Dick started questioning himself and became increasingly antagonistic towards the others. He was especially cruel towards Starfire. He ignored her at every turn and even refused to talk to Wonder Girl about what he was going through. Dick was at odds with himself. He struggled with his identity, was he Batman's sidekick or could he be truly independent? Ultimately, Dick decided to retire from the Titans and gave up being Robin. In the meantime, Wonder Girl became the new (successful) leader of the Titans and Batman found a new Robin in the form of Jason Todd. The world had moved on. To move with it, Dick adopted a new codename and a new look. From then on, he was Nightwing.

Dick Grayson continues to be one of the most enduring characters from DC Comics. He's the clear favourite in most adaptations when it comes to who wears the mantle of Robin. This means that he's been fairly timeless. He's been easily modernized for each subsequent generation. At his core, Dick is a responsible young man who just wants to make a difference in this world. In other words, he wants to do good. Even though he's been taught to think logically, he often finds himself at odds with his teachings because he naturally wants to lead with his heart. This also means that he often has some rather tumultuous relationships -- poor Barbara and Koriand'r have had to put up with a lot because of this guy.

I've drawn Dick a few times before, so it's always a challenge to try something new. In drawing him here, I went with the New 52 Robin look they had for him. It's remarkably simple yet complex at the same time. I rather like it. It's a nice modernization of the classic look and it really suits him. It's certainly more practical than his pixie shorts. Of course, I do like that they stuck with the Nightwing mask. It really works for him.

Want to read my review of the New Teen Titans Omnibus that details the (new) Titans' first two years together as a team? Click on the link below.
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They have the majority of that era collected in Omnibus form. They're readily available on Amazon and on eBay. If digital comics are more your thing, I suggest Comixology.
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