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August 18, 2012
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X-Men Evolution - Jean Grey by Femmes-Fatales X-Men Evolution - Jean Grey by Femmes-Fatales
Here's the oh-so-lovely Jean Grey as she appears in "X-Men: Evolution." Other than a drawing of Shadowcat and Rogue, I really haven't drawn any of the X-Men as they appear in that particular costume. It's odd since the X-Men recur so frequently in my gallery and also since I rather enjoyed that cartoon. Though it may have veered away significantly from the source text, it still did an admirable job re-inventing the characters.

Jean Grey was one of the characters I found myself most impressed with in her re-invention. Though it would have been easy to write Jean in as the archetypal cheerleader type, the writers and producers instead chose to present her as an athlete. While she was still popular and remarkable in her physical appearance, she was so much more beyond that. Of course, she was also notable since she had one of the most recognizable evolutions in terms of her powers. If I had to pick, Jean would be among my top three in terms of favourite characters on the show. They also get props for foregoing the Phoenix storylines as it allowed Jean to shine without it. Far too often people say the most interesting thing about Jean is the Phoenix (bullpoop!) so it was refreshing that the only thing about the Phoenix we really got was a small flash-forward in the final episode (although, it would have played a role in the following season had the show been picked up for another season).

I also rather like the look they came up with for her. It's simple but effective. They take some of her coolest elements from her 616 costumes (i.e. the face mask and the colour green) and created a brand-new look for her. I certainly had fun drawing her here and I think she came out rather well. Her hair was especially fun to draw. I threw in the baseball not only to reference her athleticism from the series but to also maybe reference her powers as well. It either looks like she's about to catch it or that she's holding it mid-air. You decide. :P

Want more Jean Grey art?
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MightyMorphinPower4 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012
Beaatfuil work on her not sure how I feel about Marvel bring the oringal 60's jean back into the comics
Jkthelemonking Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2012
I personally like many of the features of Evolution the most, and the Phoenix thing isn't for developing Jean....its for making Wolverine and Cyclops's lives miserable.

Her development in the other two is minimal at best. Perhaps Wolverine's X Mecan get a slide as she was out of it for a while......
Femmes-Fatales Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
The original Dark Phoenix Saga had very little to do with making Wolverine's life miserable. It was a love story between Scott and Jean. It's the adaptations that mess around with that by including Wolverine in a rather melodramatic soap opera love triangle that does no favours to any of the characters included. The original Dark Phoenix Saga also dealt with Jean and her own dark impulses and the Ultimate version of the Phoenix storylines place Jean in the forefront of those narratives explicitly dealing with HER perspective. Those familiar with Jean from the comics are aware that her narrative extends beyond Scott and Logan when it comes to the Phoenix.
seanwiccan18 Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2012
Awesomesauce!!! I freaking loved this show. X-Men: Evolution was a wonderfully done show with awesome redesigns of characters. It's probably the only show I've ever really liked Rogue in, which is saying something. XD But this piece isn't about that wannabe murderer, it's about the lovely Jean Grey.

I actually really liked Jean in the show as well. I love how she was friends with everyone and her being popular didn't go to her head. I never got why she was with Duncan, since he was so annoying. Lol. Dumb jock. I always liked watching Jean on the show. She always seemed to be the one that helped save the day. Her powers always game in handy and she never became the damsel. She was tough and could take on anyone. I really liked the mentorship that happened when Amara was introduced. I always like the scene where they are in the caves below the school and Jean is helping Amara learn to use her powers. Of course that episode rocked all the way through since it was the Bayville Siren episode. I love how when Scott decided the "help" when the rock is falling and it crumbles and goes everywhere, Jean chews him out big time. That is so freaking hilarious. I actually think I liked the girls a lot more than the guys in that show. Lol. Jean, Kitty, Storm, Rogue, Amara, Tabitha. They were all awesome in that show.

I actually think they did an awesome job on Jean's redesigned costume too. I never really got the face mask, but I think that is does work well with the overall look they were going for. Each one of thier costumes was unique and stood out. I really loved the animation style of the show. I think that you did a great job on capturing that here. And remembering your previous Kitty and Rogue pieces, you do a wonderful job at making them look like the Evo animation style. I think that that is really awesome. I really love the pose you have her in as well. It's a pose that really suits her. Her hair is freaking fabulous in this piece. The way it's off to one side and cascades down her back and curls up. Perfection. You also made her very pretty, just like she is in the cartoon. I also like the background. It's interesting and adds a certain something-something to this piece. Lol. I also like how you have her using her powers by floating the baseball. And I get the connection to her athletic roots in the show, but shouldn't it have been a soccerball? I mean she was the soccer star at Bayville High. :P

Over all this is another amazing piece of Jean you have here to add to your gallery. I love seeing you do more Evo characters and think that it would be awesome to see you do more of them. Lol. Maybe that could be a new series since you seem to be completely a lot of your current ones. Lol. That would just mean that I'd have to go back and re-watch all the Evo episodes so that I could comment on the pieces with fresh knowledge. :D I wouldn't be opposed to going back and re-watching them either. XD
Femmes-Fatales Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I actually don't remember too much of Evo since I'd only ever seen it on TV. I've never had the luxury of watching it from start to finish on DVD. I have been able to catch a couple online though. I really do wish I had it on DVD as I really loved the show. Like you, I also thought the girls stood out more. Jean and Rogue were my favourites on the show. It's lamentable that Storm didn't have a larger role. She gets the shaft far too often in cartoon adaptations. Unlike you, I wasn't a huge fan of Kitty. Her being a valley girl was a little jarring.

I do think my style is actually closer to the style used on the show than it is to the comic books. I've been told my style is pretty cartoon-y... something about the eyes I think people have said. The simplified hair also probably contributes to that as well. In terms of the baseball... I actually added that because one of the images that came up when I did an image search for Jean from the show was of her playing baseball. Baseball is actually an X-Men thing. XD In the comics they've played a few games together of baseball and they carried that over to Evo.

I am curious though... why do you think they made up a fictional town for them? Why not set the series in New York as it is typical for the X-Men? I've always thought that was a little weird that they came from Bayville rather than Salem's Centre, Westchester.
seanwiccan18 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012
It sucks that they never came out with the whole thing on DVD, I was lucky enough to get a fan made version, that I thought was real. XD It's still pretty cool though. I have all the episodes and only some are in poorer quality, but they are all watchable. I think that Storm got the shaft as well. Since she was older she wasn't as focused on. It would have cool to have her as a student and they could have done another character to take her place as teacher. Like Emma, Ali or Betsy. Lol.

Yeah, I can see you style as being described as a little cartoon-y, but I don't think it's that cartoon-y. Whatever style it is, you do a great job on a wide variety of characters. Baseball is an X-Men thing, isn't it? Lol. I didn't think about that.

I have no clue why they made up a town for them. I actually always thought it was a real place that was in New York. XD I never did think about it. Lol.
Femmes-Fatales Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, it's unfortunate. I really don't know why so many comic-based cartoons are released so oddly on DVD. They release them in those atrocious 4-6 episode DVDs forcing people to collect them individually. It's a really bad way to go about doing things. I really wish they had collected many of their cartoons, both Marvel and DC, in a better fashion. DC arguably has done it better since many of their iconic cartoons were collected in season sets (or, in Batman's case for his '90s cartoon, in volumes that were similar to full seasons). Grr. I want X-Men: Evolution properly released on DVD. I know Spider-Man's '90s cartoon is also a MAJOR request by fans for the DVD treatment.

I'm surprised they never really introduced Emma as a rival teacher at another school trying to snatch up the X-Men. You would think it would have been a no-brainer. It is a shame that Storm didn't do too much. I suppose at that time they had a hard time envisioning a teenage Storm. She and Wolverine are harder to imagine as younger I suppose given their more mature personality types.

This is going to sound awful and more mean than I'm actually intending it but....... you don't think about much, do you? XD I thought you were the kind of person who asks questions about everything but when it comes to comic books (and their cartoons) you sure don't ask enough questions. :P
seanwiccan18 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012
Yeah, those 4-6 episode DVDs suck. I know I have about 4 of the Evo ones that I bought before getting the fan made full series set I have. I'm glad that they released JL/JLU as full seasons. I never have gotten the final season though. I just watch it on Boomerang when it cycles back to that season. XD I like how they released Wolverine & the X-Men as a full season, still don't have that one though. They need to release Young Justice as a full season. Like yesterday. Lol. It does suck that they seem to no do that. I guess having to buy all the little sets makes them more money.

I agree. Emma would have been awesome as that. They could have selected some of her Hellions, like Catseye, Tarot, Slipstream, Roulette, to go to her school and maybe even go to Bayville with the X-Men like the Botherhood did. Lol.

Yeah, I guess it is a little hard picturing Ororo as a teen. I mean Ultimate X-Men tried it and she turned out all wrong, of course that could have jsut been the direction they went with her. And who needs a teen/younger Logan when you got Laura and Daken running around. They fill that spot already. XD

I think sometimes I tend to just go with the flow and not think about certain things too much. I don't know. I just watch/read comics and cartoons to enjoy them and not look too deeply into them. It's just something to watch that's fluffy and light, while I do other stuff. Idk how to explain it. I think I just gave up on asking questions about this stuff, and other things, because I never knew anyone who could give me the answer and I never knew how to figure it out for myself. *shrugs*
Femmes-Fatales Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I have one DVD they made for Evo. I think it's one from the first season but I'm not entirely sure. I actually know they packaged a bunch of them together for $20 a few years back and I never got them (much to my regret). DC's cartoons from their animated universe (i.e. Superman, Batman, Justice League) were all released in sets so we got proper releases for those. However, their later cartoons were released in odd sets. I know The Batman and Teen Titans had full season releases for some or all of their seasons.

They could have done it even like they did in Ultimate X-Men since Emma had her Hellions in that universe but they were more recognizable characters. It's still such a shame that Polaris never appeared in Evo since you'd think she would given Alex's presence in the series. I suppose part of the reason we didn't get more heroic introductions than we did was that there was a split focus between the X-Men and the Brotherhood so that put a limit on how many new characters we were introduced to. Many of the new mutants introduced in the later seasons never got much more than a line or two of dialogue (if any at all... I don't remember Jubilee speaking).

I think they just went in an odd direction with Storm for the Ultimate universe. They made her too trashy and I think that pulled her too far out of why she's fascinating as a character. I can understand the decisions they made with the character and how they attempted something new with her but ultimately I think that it didn't really pay off in the long run. I actually think it would have been interesting if, instead of portraying Storm as street trash, they had her come from a rich background. Hell, they could have had her parents be friends with Xavier and when they died Xavier could have promised them he'd cared for Ororo. That would have been a good direction for her in the Ultimate universe.
seanwiccan18 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2012
Yeah. DC is better about releasing their cartoons. I know Teen Titans had all of their seasons released as seasons. I have the first two, maybe three. I also intended to get the rest, but just forgot.

Yeah. That could have really worked, giving her more recognizable students. There were so many characters left to choose from. Lorna, Jean-Paul, Alison, Betsy, Xi'an, Theresa. Poor Xi'an got the shaft. Sam, 'Berto, Amara, and Rahne all got appearences on the new recuits and Dani got that one episode. Illyana, Doug and Xi'an were the three that never was on it. Doug I understand cause he was dead and his power is a little...not as cool as others. Illyana I understand as well since Colossus never was expanded on, I don't think he spoke either. I don't get why they left out Xi'an though. I don't remember Jubes speaking either. Or Jamie. I know 'Berto spoke. I remember when they went on that camping trip with Beast and Beast was captured in that cage and sinking into the river, 'Berto stepped up to the bank and was like, "Yeah, Give me some sun!" and the sun came out and he jumped in and saved him.

I agree. The direction they took her in just didn't suit her character. I like the whole coming from a rich background idea. And if they wanted to stay with the street theif thing, then they could have had Xavier friends with her parents and her and her parents went on a trip to help in Africa, or they could have just lived there anyways, and then have them die and Ororo runs away from her butlers or whatever and the Professor comes to help find her and takes her in. Or something like that. Lol. If any of that made sense. XD
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