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X-Men - Storm, Age of Apocalypse by Femmes-Fatales X-Men - Storm, Age of Apocalypse by Femmes-Fatales
Continuing on with the X-Man Storm's non-canon alternate universe costumes, here we have her looks from the Age of Apocalypse.

In the AoA timeline, Ororo Munroe was taken from her perch as a Kenyan goddess by the evil Apocalypse. She was tossed into his labs and was tortured by Dark Beast and Shadow King but was eventually freed by Cyclops. A short while later, she encountered Quicksilver and joined his band of X-Men (led by Magneto). Though she was initially apprehensive, Ororo grew to enjoy her position on the X-Men and even began a relationship with Quicksilver.

During her earliest AoA appearances from the mid-'90s, Storm wore what is best described as a Mortal Kombat ninja outfit. It was a black bodysuit with loose sleeves worn with a white tunic. She paired this with white gloves and thigh-hi boots. Storm styled her hair in an unfortunate bowl cut. Yikes. Around a decade later, the AoA universe was revamped and the characters were given exclusive redesigns by Chris Bachalo (all inspired by their first appearance costumes). Storm had grown out her hair and had taken to wearing a two-piece suit with a flowing cape that had cut-outs in the shoulders. She accessorized with a stylized tiara and a silver bauble belt. It's worth noting that in the AoA universe, Storm was branded while under the "care" of Dark Beast with a black lightning mark on her left eye.

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