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X-Men - Storm Pt 10, Return to the Uncanny by Femmes-Fatales X-Men - Storm Pt 10, Return to the Uncanny by Femmes-Fatales
Continued from part 9...

Having formed the X.S.E., Storm re-created a new team for herself and maintained a new outlook on life. She was more free, livelier. She began flirting overtly with fellow teammate Wolverine. They had a strong bond that went back to her earliest moments with the X-Men and the pair had an unbreakable bond that was seemingly headed towards a romantic relationship.

On the mission front, Storm led her team against numerous threats. She investigated the mysterious events surrounding the Braddock mansion where a mysterious creature known as the Fury had taken hold. It temporarily possessed her teammates but in the end, as usual, the X-Men successfully defeated it. The X-Men also faced a re-formed Hellfire Club and Viper in addition to welcoming newcomer X-23 onto their team as a trainee. Initially, Storm and Wolverine took special interest in her but when their teammate Psylocke mysteriously returned from the dead X-23 was instantly impressed by the British ninja's sophistication and general badassery. At this time, the X-Men jetted off to the Savage Land where a group of aliens had landed. Marvel Girl was quickly captured by the aliens and was slowly becoming like them (both physically and mentally). It was up to the X-Men to return their teammate to normal and defeat the invaders.

With so many successes, it was inevitable that tragedy would strike. When the mutant population was decimated, the X-Men were left to pick up the pieces and navigate a new world where the number of mutants had dropped to 198. While everyone else scattered aimlessly, Storm knew what she had to do. She returned to Africa where she spent her time aiding the former mutants there who were suffering. Storm's charitable actions distanced her from the X-Men who were moving towards a more militaristic approach.

While in Africa, Storm was faced with a new decision -- marriage. As it would be revealed, Storm was the childhood love of T'Challa, King of Wakanda, otherwise known as the Black Panther. He was moving towards the point in his life when he was expected to take a bride so when the time came he felt compelled to ask his childhood love Ororo. She accepted his proposal (putting the kibosh on her then-growing flirtations with Logan) and the two married in a lavish ceremony. Ororo quickly took to her new role as Queen of Wakanda which inevitably distanced her even further from her former friends at the X-Men. She would set out on numerous missions with her husband and took special interest in the politics of Wakanda, using her newfound influence for diplomatic purposes.

Stateside, trouble was brewing for the mutants and there would soon be a massive upheaval...

TBC in part 11...

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Lpsalsaman Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Nicely done!
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