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X-Men - Storm Pt 11, The Royal Adventurer by Femmes-Fatales X-Men - Storm Pt 11, The Royal Adventurer by Femmes-Fatales
Continued from part 10...

With her new marriage, Storm was re-energized and found a new home. With T'Challa, she found a partner and for a brief time even joined the Fantastic Four alongside her husband. However, there was no use in lying to herself about how much she missed the X-Men. During her absence, the X-Men had faced great tragedy and was reeling following M-Day and the events of the Messiah CompleX. Feeling there was nothing left for them in New York City, the X-Men moved to the west coast where they briefly established a foothold in San Francisco. It was here where the X-Men faced off against the newly formed Sisterhood of Evil Mutants led by Cyclops' ex-wife Madelyne Pryor and where they fought the invading forces of the Skrulls.

At this time, Storm dedicated herself to dividing her team between her loyalties to the X-Men and to her husband. She joined a small faction of the X-Men alongside Cyclops, Emma Frost, Wolverine, Beast and Armor. Together they investigated a mysterious death that led them to Wundagore Mountain where they discovered Storm's one-time love Forge had lost his mind. He had gone insane sometime after M-Day and was dedicated to "saving" the world from an invasion from another dimension. He wished to send the X-Men into an alternate world where they could battle this evil and, while they successfully prevented this invasion, Forge was lost to them due to his insanity. Storm offered him a chance to return with them but he baulked at her offer.

Storm also came up against her old nemesis, the Shadow King. He left a path of destruction between Wakanda and San Francisco as he drew Storm closer to him. One by one, he infected and possessed each of her teammates leaving Storm to battle hordes of X-Men under his influence. He had banked on her views on the preciousness of life to ensure his victory. However, Storm showed little mercy for her teammates and even "killed" Cyclops to stop the Shadow King. This forced Shadow King into Storm's mind. Unaware to the Shadow King, she had made a deal with the Panther God and it was waiting for the sinister Shadow King when he entered Storm's mind. The Panther God devoured the Shadow King and freed the X-Men from his control. Once she was free of the Shadow King, Storm revived Cyclops and felt relieved to have such a dark shadow from her past seemingly erased forever.

The X-Men continued to face constant threats of extinction by numerous forces. Bastion returned with a new batch of Sentinels to obliterate them and forced them onto a small island later dubbed "Utopia." The X-Men also came up against Selene and her horde of zombies. However, the most dangerous threat was of the vampires and the return of Dracula which brought up painful memories for Ororo of her past captivity at the hands of Dracula. She was asked to stay away from him and was instead sent on a mission with Gambit to destroy the newly created vampires. This was disconcerting to Storm as she believed there had to be a better way to achieve victory. She believed the vampires could be cured and was faced with the reality that in her royal absence the X-Men had changed. They no longer valued life in the same way as they had before and had grown into little more than a militaristic operation.

Unhappy, Storm made a difficult decision. She once more distanced herself from the X-Men and joined the Avengers when she was offered a position on the team. However, this new team harmony would not last for the weather-wielding mutant as another civil war was set to erupt...

TBC in part 12...

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Jose-Ramiro Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Again, excellent look.
mpz28 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013
very nice :)
MightyMorphinPower4 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013
Again exllcent work
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