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X-Men - Storm Pt 3, The Outback Look by Femmes-Fatales X-Men - Storm Pt 3, The Outback Look by Femmes-Fatales
Continued from part 2...

Upon returning to the X-Men from her self-imposed exile in Africa, Storm challenged Cyclops for the sole leadership of the X-Men. Even though she was still without her mutant abilities, Storm relied on her cunning and agility to outwit Cyclops in battle effectively besting him to become the X-Men's official leader.

A short time later, Storm faced what would be one of the most gruelling and gruesome battles the X-Men would ever have to face. The villainous Marauders took to the sewers beneath New York City to slaughter the Morlocks. Very few of the Morlocks survived and the X-Men barely survived the fight against the Marauders when they came to the defence of the Morlocks. Though they achieved a narrow victory against the Marauders, Storm realized the X-Men would need to make a strong stance against them when they targeted Dazzler and Jean Grey's sister Sara. Storm devised a new strategy. The first step was regaining her mutant abilities which she was able to do when Forge created a new device to return her powers.

Returning to Earth, Storm utilized the second part of her plan. She struck a deal with the goddess Roma during their battle with the Adversary which led the world to believe the X-Men were dead when in fact they had been resurrected by Roma and could now operate anonymously in the world without having to worry about their enemies coming after their loved ones. Storm subsequently relocated the team to the Australian outback where they operated out of an abandoned base used formerly by the dastardly Reavers.

Storm successfully led her team against numerous threats during this time -- including an assault on the mutant slave nation Genosha when her teammates Rogue and Wolverine were captured. However, their greatest battle came when they were betrayed by their one-time ally Madelyne Pryor. Driven mad by the dissolution of her marriage to Cyclops due to his emotional infidelity, Madelyne became the evil Goblyn Queen and summoned demons to wreak havoc on the Earth. The X-Men came under the demonic influence of the evil forces the Goblyn Queen had recruited for a time and were forced to battle their former teammates who had banded together to form X-Factor. Storm and her team eventually broke free from their influence just in time to destroy the puppet-master N'astirh and defeat the Goblyn Queen. Storm was briefly reunited with her best friend Jean Grey whom she'd come to believe had died during the Dark Phoenix Saga.

The reunion was short-lived as Cyclops and Storm realize their two teams were in different places both physically and ethically. Cyclops stayed in New York City with his while Storm returned to Australia with hers.

TBC in part 4...

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MightyMorphinPower4 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2013
Beatiful work on her
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