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X-Men - Storm Pt 4, Team Uniform by Femmes-Fatales X-Men - Storm Pt 4, Team Uniform by Femmes-Fatales
Continued from part 3...

When the X-Men were attacked by the enigmatic being known as Nanny along with her ward Orphan Maker, Storm seemingly died in a blast Havok unleashed to destroy Nanny's ship. Unbeknownst to her team, her death had been an illusion and the real Storm was held captive by Nanny. She was physically and mentally reduced to being a child by Nanny's devices as Nanny hoped to control Ororo and use her for her own devious purposes. Even as a child, however, Ororo was still so strong-willed that she was able to overload Nanny's technology and escape.

Frightened and alone, Ororo ended up on the streets of Cairo in Illinois without her memories of her time spent with the X-Men. Her powers had begun developing and she was unable to control them causing widespread panic in Cairo due to the unpredictable weather she had been inflicting on the city. Meanwhile, Ororo had resorted (as she once had before) to thievery in order to survive. It was on one of her capers that she met Remy Lebeau, the thief known as Gambit. The two formed an alliance as partners-in-crime. At this time, her former nemesis Shadow King and Nanny were on the hunt to find her. Eventually a battle was waged on Nanny's ship in which Ororo and Gambit emerged the victors. When the ship was destroyed, Ororo's memories came flooding back and she immediately returned to the X-Men who had relocated to New York City.

Upon returning to the X-Mansion, Storm found that much had changed. The New Mutants were operating out of the base under the guidance of their new leader Cable and Storm was faced with the reality of her failure to properly protect her former charges against the harsh and violent realities of the world.

During an ambush on the X-Mansion, Storm and a few others were kidnapped by Genoshan mercenaries. By this time, Genosha had perfected the process of mind-control and had successfully turned hundreds of mutants into slaves for their nation. Storm became but one of many victims to this. However, the process had been tainted by Genengineer Moreau and Chief Magistrate Anderson who wished to defeat the maniacal Cameron Hodge after he'd risen to power as the hidden dictator of the island nation. When Storm activated her powers in a battle against Cyclops, she regained control of herself and was temporarily able to return the mutant abilities of those who had had theirs stripped. Together with the New Mutants and X-Factor, Storm successfully defeated Hodge and set in motion the events of turning Genosha into a more mutant-friendly environment after freeing the former mutant slaves.

After this time, the X-Men would once again band together but found that their time apart had taken its toll. They had taken to wearing matching squad uniforms in order to create a more cohesive team unit. This new team was put to the test when they were seemingly reunited with their former mentor Professor Xavier. They'd been invited to join him in space where he had been for many years alongside his long-time love Lilandra. However, this proved to be an illusion as the real Xavier had been captured by Warskrulls and the entire fleet of supposed Shi'Ar agents were in fact members of the shapeshifting alien race known as the Skrulls. This had all been part of an alliance made with the villainous Deathbird who once again made steps towards dethroning her sister Lilandra. Needless to say, Deathbird and the Warskrulls were defeated by the X-Men.

When the X-Men and the real Professor Xavier returned to Earth, they found that Muir Island had been infected by the influence of Storm's old nemesis Shadow King. For a time, Shadow King pitted X-Man against X-Man in hopes of destroying Xavier's dream forever but found that they were a much too strong-willed group. During an exhaustive battle with Shadow King, Professor Xavier once more lost the usage of his legs and was faced with the decision to restructure the teams.

TBC in part 5...

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mpz28 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2013
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Exllcent work again
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