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X-Men - Storm Pt 5, The Jim Lee Costume by Femmes-Fatales X-Men - Storm Pt 5, The Jim Lee Costume by Femmes-Fatales
Continued from part 4...

When the X-Men and X-Factor merged into one unit following Shadow King's defeat on Muir Island, they were restructured into two teams -- the Blue team and the Gold team. Storm was appointed leader of the Gold team alongside her second-in-command Jean Grey. On one of their first missions together as a team, they witnessed the massacre of Emma Frost's Hellions at the hands of Trevor Fitzroy and a group of futuristic Sentinels. The incident left both Jean Grey and Emma Frost catatonic but Jean soon recovered leaving Emma temporarily comatose.

Soon after, the mysterious Bishop arrived from the future. Storm welcomed him onto her team and the two became quite close in the respect that Storm served as his ambassador to the present day, teaching him and helping him to adjust. At the time, Storm had been seeing Forge and he'd even proposed to her on the condition that she leave the X-Men to start a new life with him so she asked for some time to consider it. Storm was torn but the decision was ultimately made for her when Forge reneged on his proposal when he called her loyalties into question due to her budding friendship with Bishop. Storm was left shaken and emotionally devastated as her answer was going to be 'yes.' Unbeknownst to Storm, Forge had also become quite enamoured with Mystique and he felt compelled to help the shapeshifter deal with her mental instability following the loss of her lover Destiny.

As it turned out, Mystique had manipulated Forge and he realized how wrong he'd been to treat Storm so poorly. As such, Storm and Forge rekindled their friendship with the possibility for more than that left on the table.

Around this time, Storm returned to the Morlocks only to find that they'd fallen under the influence of Colossus' psychotic brother Mikhail Rasputin. The X-Men waged a battle against him in order to save the Morlocks but all seemed lost when Mikhail flooded the tunnels in a move which appeared to kill himself and the other Morlocks.

On a happier note, Ororo acted as Jean Grey's maid of honour in her marriage ceremony to Scott Summers and she was, for a time, reunited with her old friend (and possibly lover) Yukio prior to a fight against the Phalanx.

TBC in part 6...

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Nicely done. 
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Ah that brings back memories, i miss that 90s series :)
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