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X-Men - Storm Pt 9, X-Treme Look by Femmes-Fatales X-Men - Storm Pt 9, X-Treme Look by Femmes-Fatales
Continued from part 8...

During their earliest mission, the X-Treme X-Men faced a great tragedy. While battling the insidious villain Vargas, their teammate Betsy Braddock AKA Psylocke was tragically struck down in battle when Vargas skewered her with his sword.

Picking up the pieces following this event, Storm learned that the ruby her mother had given her as a child was a mystical gem that was part of a collection known as the Madripoor set. The ruby, along with the other gems, were stolen by the intergalactic warrior Shaitan who intended to use their powers in concert with Gambit's to create a portal which would allow the alien forces of a dictator known as Khan to invade the Earth. Once opened, Madripoor was surrounded by an impenetrable shield that allowed no one in or out. Storm's team was the only hope for Earth. However, another element was at play -- Madripoor's queen of the underworld, Viper. Feeling threatened by the invasion, Viper made an attempt to kill Khan but was subsequently beaten by Storm. Not one to let such things slide, Viper stabbed Storm in the back and left her for dead. Not willing to let her die after saving his life, Kahn had his troops take Storm to his homeworld. There, Storm was groomed to be his queen and became one of his concubines. Seeing this as a non-violent opportunity to end the invasion, Storm seduced Kahn and attempted to get him to manipulate him into leaving the Earth alone. At the same time, the X-Men were working to free Storm and stop the invasion. In the end, Storm was forced to abandon her plan when she was attacked by the other concubines and re-joined her team to defeat Kahn. However, the great battle took a toll on Storm. She collapsed and remained near death for some time.

While her fate was still uncertain, Jean Grey entered Storm's consciousness in an effort to save her life. Jean enabled Storm to re-evaluate her life and gave her the strength to move forward.

Having fully healed, Storm resumed her operations with her team this time taking refuge in Rogue's newly inherited New Orleans home. Her first mission post-injury was to investigate Jeffrey Garret, a teenage mutant accused of murder. He had been given asylum at Xavier's and Storm's team was refused entry by Emma Frost who believed in his innocence. Though she was initially hesitant to go against Emma's orders, Storm confronted her at the mansion causing the two to come to blows. After a knock-down drag-out battle between Storm and Emma, they finally buried the long-standing rivalry between the two of them and agreed to work cooperatively to discover the truth about Jeffrey Garret. They solved the mystery but in the end Xavier refused to allow the justice system take over for Jeffrey's misdeeds. This created a schism between Storm and her long-time mentor.

Traversing the globe once more, Storm took on various missions which reunited her with her friend Yukio and her rival Callisto. For a time, Storm also joined an arena as a gladiator. Ultimately, this life proved undesirable to Storm. She left the arena to embark on a new chapter in her life -- the creation of a government-sanctioned special task force to police mutant threats -- the X.S.E.

TBC in part 10...

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